Christmas is approximately three months away and already people are contemplating what they want as gifts and what they're going to purchase for others. Stores will soon be posting end-of-year sales and advertising "great buys" to draw customers in. If you aren't one to fight the crowds, cyber sales make life so much easier.
None of this however appeals to me because I'm no longer a fan of big Christmas shopping. Although I used to be amped for getting in on catching the sales for cutesy items and purchasing everyone what they wanted in the past, now that I'm older, I prefer to simplify things. I still shop of course, but I've begun to acquire more meaningful, thoughtful gifts.  I've also found that I don't need to wipe out my bank account or accumulate massive holiday debt to put a smile on someone's face.
One thing I've decided to do this year is support small and home-based businesses. I have many friends and family members who are blessed to have talents which afford them the opportunity to work for themselves instead of big corporations. Need reasons as to why you should also purchase from entrepreneurs such as these?  See below:
1. You are supporting people who believe in themselves enough to take a chance at building success FOR themselves. They are an inspiration!
2.  Most of the time, smaller businesses have quality products. A lot of love and thought goes into handmade items in particular. If for some reason you get something that isn't up to par, provide the owner with constructive feedback. A person who is worthy of your dollars will be appreciative of you being upfront and honest. They will also work with you to correct the issue. We all have learning experiences. 
3. By purchasing from a family member/friend who owns a business, you are supporting them which could also be considered a much needed gift! Entrepreneurs are happy and grateful when their businesses thrive. 
I hope someone reading this will consider small companies this year for Christmas gifts. It's always great to support others who are trying to be better for whatever reason. Lastly, please do not try to persuade these hard workers to lower their prices for you or give you a "hook-up".  They deserve the same respect given to larger corporations who don't even know your name.

Published by Tyffani Thompson