This piece is for those who have grown up under the illusion that studies end after Class 12th Boards and there are no more hardships in college & afterwards.

I am a Graduate in Business Administration, a 3 year degree course at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Graduating from this college has taught me a lot of things about understanding people, friendships, politics, academics, extra-curricular activities which I would share as we proceed…

We all toil hard at our homes and appear for Class 12th Board exams, Fortunately, we get the result of our hardship and we are admitted to the best colleges in the country.

My college is the alma-mater to the toppers of various schools across India and SAARC Countries. I see 95+ percentage scorers in 12th Boards screw their academics in the name of Socialising and Politics, and at the end struggle through the remaining years in college.

Back in the first year of college, there was a lot of competition among students in college. Slowly, but steadily this competition disappeared. The notion of, “College mein kaun padhai karta hai” started to take its toll on the students who carried with them the dreams of families which are based out in distant places. Yes, we do not always study in college. We engage ourselves in the extra curricular activities – Be it sports, or managing societies, or doing social service, or being involved in the student’s union, or teaching students, or doing internships. But, we should not let the “illusive” goodness of these things take on our academics. The Indian higher education system assumes a decent level of maturity which includes the student’s ability to handle his relationships, social contacts, politics and academics well.

This college, though is home to all the toppers experiences the best of the talent getting trapped in the vicious circle of ‘Studying in college is too mainstream’

Students who aren’t able to balance everything at once struggle to Graduate from the college & sit unemployed wasting their parent’s resources and the remaining life unproductively.

If only there was a proper guidance, we could have landed up in a better condition. However, life never ends even if you fail at your graduation… life ends when you lose the drive in you to continually learn from your mistakes.

If you are in school currently, you should probably work hard and focus on getting grades to the best of your potential.

If you have just joined college, be prepared to experience never-felt-before things in college which might break you or make you. Be prepared to not lose your focus from your dreams. Be not too involved in everything that you aren’t able to properly manage anything.

If you are a graduate taking a drop year, be prepared to work your hardest. Nothing is impossible and if you believe in your potential and you are a cent percent dedicated towards achieving your goal, nothing will ever come in the way of a remarkable career.

If I can be of any help, please feel free to drop me a mail at mullpravesh@gmail.comfor guidance on managing your academics with all the chaos.

Published by Pravesh Mull