Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.....


The amount of sweat, the speed, the amount of hours people will go for spinning makes my legs weak thinking about it, because I know from watching the videos, people have to be tired by the end of the workout - I would be. I don't know a whole lot of people who take part in spin classes, but I do know some, and they enjoy it because of the amount of calories they burn and the amount of sweat that pours out of them after the class. My take on spin class was riding a bike and enjoying some good music, but I was wrong, so much more goes into spinning depending on the class and fitness level of the individual, they even have youtube videos people can follow for spinning, which seem very helpful. How many of you have taken a spin class? good, bad, in between, what is your take? I haven't yet participated in a spin class, and I don't necessarily have it on my bucket list but I also don't mind trying something new, so it may be something I look into down the road if my workouts start to get boring. This post isn't one that will judge spin classes or people who take part in it, it will be a post with information about spinning for those who may be interested or don't know anything about it. Feel free to share your spin stories with me in the comment section. 



  1. Helps to burn calories- I have had people say they burn through 800 or more calories sometimes doing spin classes (although standard is maybe 400-600) 
  2. Improved cardiovascular health- which is to be expected since it is a cardio exercise
  3. Low impact workout
  4. Most spin classes allow for you to progress at your own pace
  5. Uses large muscle groups in your legs- tones
  6. I have had people tell me it is a great abdominal workout overtime - nothing shows immediately but because they have to use proper technique and form when riding, you will feel it in your abdominal area too. 
  7. Builds mental strength 
  8. You have people around you during the class, so you aren't alone.
  9. Builds stamina
  10. You get to listen to music the whole time while pedaling, music is good right? lol
  11. Some classes offer a hand-weight while spinning (this shouldn't replace your resistance training)

Some Cons... 

  1. The instructor guides you, but it is up to the individual to be motivated enough to push themselves through the workout
  2. can be semi-expensive depending on the packages / classes. 
  3. The seat can be uncomfortable for some spinners, so they might have pelvic injuries/aches
  4. the music may not be your taste, if you are picky
  5. some people may not like being surrounded about others

So overall, spinning may be your cup of tea or it may not, but it something to do if you want to implement something new in your workout regimen, either way, I think the most important part is it keeps your moving! Give it a try or pass it by, your choice!


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