Received a lovely message from a friend last week to let me know that she was going to pay me a visit and finally meet my monster.

I wanted to serve something delicious for afternoon tea but without spending too much time in the kitchen. Juliet has been teething and showing us more sneak peeks at what the Terrible Two's (and Three's) are going to look like. It had to be something that can be prepped and well on it's way to being finished within an hour and a half while she napped.

Matt had this idea that I should have just bought something ready made at the shops...



After how many years of being together, I thought he knew me better. Who is this man?  That's silly talk. If I did that, I wouldn't be able to take a photo of it, post it on Instagram and then add a million hashtags.

I wanted to make something that had shortcuts but still home made so I decided on Spinach and 3 Cheese Triangles using puff pastry. Sssooo good and so simple to make.

I used Danish Fetta because of it's creamy texture. To be honest, I don't actually think it made much of a difference in texture in the end.  So any fetta will do.

Recipe below makes 7 - 8 yummy triangles. I thought there were going to be some left over for me to take to work the next day but they were inhaled within 30 minutes of being out of the oven. They are that freaking good.

Hope you like these babies!



Spinach & 3 Cheese Triangles


  • 2 sheets of puff pastry - taken out of the freezer and leave on the bench to defrost under a damp clean tea towel
  • approximately 300g spinach
  • 80g ricotta
  • 30g fetta
  • 30g colby cheese
  • 1 egg for the spinach filling
  • 1 egg lightly beaten to seal and coat pastries


  1. On low/med heat using a large saucepan. Place all of the spinach and wilt using about a tablespoon of water or just enough to wilt spinach. Stir occasionally to distribute the heat.
  2. When the spinach is wilted, place the spinach on a colander and drain the water. Squish the spinach with your hands to drain any excess water. Set aside to cool.
  3. Preheat oven to 200C
  4. In a large clean bowl, combine the drained spinach, all of the cheese and ONE egg. Combine all of the ingredients using your CLEAN hands. Smoosh until all the cheese and egg are mixed thoroughly
  5. Using a sharp knife, cut each pasty into 4 squares
  6. Beat the second egg in a clean bowl and have your pastry brush ready
  7. Using a spoon or your hands, place some spinach filling on one side of one your mini pastry squares. Shape it into a triangle and leave about half a centimetre off the edges. It was about 4 tablespoons of spinach & cheese mixture for me but play around with it to see how much one pastry square can hold. As long as you can completely seal the pastry without breaking it - it's fine.
  8. Brush the sides lightly with the egg and fold the pastry over. Press and pinch the pastry together to seal. Then, fold the edges from the bottom going upwards. This is so, in case your filling leaks, it will at least leak out on top first. **Be careful not to tear the pastry** - I hope this part makes sense
  9. After you have finished making your triangles. Brush all of the triangles with the egg. This gives that lovely golden look at the end.
  10. Line a flat baking tray with some baking paper. Place the triangles nicely on the tray leaving a bit of space in between each to allow them to expand
  11. Cook for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown. Mine took about 25 minutes.  **Why didn't I say 25 minutes to begin with? It's because everyone's oven can be different **
  12. Serve warm.


Published by Marlene Fulham