Originally posted on my blog:

We escaped the city
With our hearts on our sleeves
A long road ahead of us
The past trailing behind us

The trees grew ever so tired
Of the constant beating of the wind
But they could not go anywhere
For they were stuck where they were

And the flowers kept dancing
In front of the sun
A show they put on
Until they could no longer dance

Not knowing which road to take
We followed our compass
Deep within, inside our bodies
A spinning arrow

The path is long
The trail, rough
Let’s just keep on flowing
Like the river underneath this bridge

Spinning, spinning
The arrow keeps spinning
Do we get a new compass,
Replace the old one?

It seems to keep pointing back
To the past as well
A flickering, fickle flame
That turned my insides into agitated moths

But the spinning arrow stops
When it points true North
The compass is calm
Even though the winds are wild

This, this is it
I take that path
Where the wilderness
Cannot reach me

I am done with the wild
Let paradise swallow me
I have worn my heart on my sleeve
Just for this

So I guess we, we are the lucky ones
To have gone so far
And seen so many places
Where others couldn’t

As beautiful as they are,
They could not leave
For their chains bind them
To where they have to be.

Published by Alessandra Könst