Have you ever been so blessed; that you were lost as to why or what to do with it?

 I was blessed Nov. 14 2016 with a check that was worth two months of work from my 40 hr. a week job just to receive the same amount. But this came freely; as if it fell out of the sky its self.  I felt so blessed to be a part of this blessing I was beside myself. I knew only God could of done this for me; being that the times we live in now; it’s so hard to even squeeze a free smile out of someone.

Have you ever felt like you wasted a blessing? One that could of change your life, instead you wasted it on Lord knows what?

And now it’s the middle of the month and your rent is due; now all you can think about is how left yourself with an empty bank account?; and a mindset full of different emotions?

Now contemplating on the big “what if”…….

What if I would have balanced my check book right?

What if I hadn’t gotten so spending happy that I would still have money left?

What if I had better control over my life?

What if I had better control over my finances?

What if I could take all the spending back?

Is it normal to feel regret after the feeling of failing your Lord God?


We can’t always figure out why we receive the mercy and blessings we do; but we can always rejoice in his Goodness. We all have to live and learn when it comes to this life. And learning builds our growth.

 The urge I feel in my heart is to do better; so next time this happens, you will better prepared! To prove to my Heavenly father that I can take care of what he has blessed me with. And instead of waiting for him to do better in me I have to start wanting to do better in self.

We are not fully in control of our own selves as much as we would like to think we are. But I believe in a God who helps me control my flesh; in order to do his great work. I will continue to pray for his control and purpose over my life.

Sometimes we all miss out on our blessings because we are too focused on the blessing and not the reason. I may never know why Jesus blesses me the way he does, but I will from now on have a better mind set while encountering his blessings for self. Trust that God knows all, hears all and is control of all. Don’t be too caught up on a blessing you feel you have wasted. Live, Learn and do better! Love you all Jesus loves you more, I hope you all have a blessed and purposed day!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews