With passion for writing and flair towards written mode of communication, I often find myself moving towards books and texts. As words form the basic building blocks of our communication, they certainly play an important role throughout. From spoken words that talk and tell to written words that greet the eyes, from writers who write for expression to speakers who speak their mind, every form of expression stands out in its own unique way. Though each of these modes work with their own agenda, they unite under the common umbrella of expression and communication.

  Each one of us are divided by the inclination towards words. While some of us can express them well under the framework of sentences and paragraphs, few others can narrate their share in a fantastic manner. Though excellence in both these domains may not be observed quite often, there are few players who can work perfectly in both the tasks. My inclination towards the written words depict my lack of speaking skills. Though I enjoy sharing my experiences, adventures, thoughts and beliefs, I find happiness in weaving those under the flow of my writing. A self-confessed introvert, I believe that written words replace my growing distance from the spoken medium.

   If we look around, we will realize that some people are blessed with the ability to engage readers with flawless skills of writing. Similarly, excellent orators succeed in their expression with powerful presence and impactful speech. Though this may point towards famous book writers and authors or influential public speakers alone, the thought holds true for common people like you and me. While some of us may be able to frame excellent emails and letters for correspondence, be it personal or professional; few others may excel in speaking out thoughts and ideas. Extroverts with confidence of speech tend to reach out to others with power of words. While we may choose any one of these styles, we are marked with certain distinctive traits. With keen interest towards observation and analysis, I look for distinct differences between the two groups.

   Writers display creativity, silence, peaceful and calm approach, while displaying shyness to be away from the limelight. Avoiding attention from those around, people with writing passion engage in observation and analysis. They do not look forward to occupy the center stage, but believe in influencing from a distance. Though they have several thoughts and ideas in mind, their manner of delivery differs them from the ones that speak. With their enormous knowledge, loads of information, flair for motivation and interest towards inspiration, they are able to reach out to many through the form of written matter. On the other hand, speakers depict an interest towards occupying the center stage. By taking charge of the situation with their speech, they believe in active approach and instant feedback. Their inclination towards spoken words make them presentable. Though they may experience lack of inspirational words for the purpose of conveyance, they can leave a powerful impact with their ability to hold the crowd.

   While writers express their thoughts and understand the reaction from their readers, after a long time; speakers can benefit from live reactions and instant feedback from the audience.

Let us look at some striking features of these two clubs, while you decide your membership!

  1. Writers or players of the written matter:
  • Creative
  • Silent
  • Engrossed in thoughts
  • Inclination towards observation and analysis
  • Shy
  • Introvert
  • Day dreamers
  • Imaginative power
  • Influence from a distance
  • May distance away from opportunities to speak and present


2. Speakers or fans of the spoken words:

  • Energetic
  • Talkative
  • Expressive
  • Practical
  • Powerful personality
  • Take center stage
  • Excellent presence of mind
  • Live in the present moment


Such distinct traits divide the two groups from each other. So, whether you enjoy writing or speaking, enjoy the gift of words! 

Published by Lavanya