With October fast approaching, this post looks at  some booktube challenges, a book blog challenge, a Channel Awesome series, and a couple of TV channels with lots of Halloween content.

First, a quintet of booktubers are hosting a readathon of the Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin.  Besides reading the trilogy, here will also be three challenges during the month.  I read the first book and really enjoyed it but have never gotten around to the other two entries in the series.  In part this is because it just hasn’t been at the library when I’ve been looking for it, but I’ve also heard that the series suffers from some diminishing returns.  But, if you’re interested, check out Katesbookdate, LittleLotte Reads, Madalyn Mae, mermaidkeeley, and KatieEbooks

Another booktube Halloween option to check out is the Spookathon Readathon.  The three booktubers hosting this challenge were kind enough to offer some suggestions of spooky reads that people might want to check out.  Bookerly suggests The Mist, a Headful of Ghosts, and With Malice, among others.  BooksandLala reveals that the hosts will all be reading The Telling by Alexandra Sirowy, while also recommending Misery, Shutter Island, The Creeping and Don’t Look Back.  Paige’sPages offers up The Outliers and Dark Places as spooky options for readers.

Finally, another quintet of booktubers are hosting Spooktober, which will include the group book The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.  Don’t Stop Readin’ KalesKorner, TheOwlBurrow, Stacy’s Stories, and Paper Faerie are hosting the event, which includes seven different reading challenges.

Moving from booktube to book blogs, we have #BattyBookMonth, hosted by Literary Dust and A Leisure Moment.  They have split the month of October into thirty-one different categories, so there should be something new coming each day of the month.

You might also be able to get new content each day from Linkara over at Channel Awesome.  I say might, because I can’t confirm that he will be doing it this year, but in the past he has used October to offer daily looks at various horror graphic novels, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in checking out his videos.

Spoiler TV revealed the Halloween content coming up on Freeform, starting October 19th.  The net will be offering up Tim Burton and Addams family movies, along with Hocus Pocus and other lesser known options.

Meanwhile, Io9 took a look at the Syfy network’s 31 days of Halloween, an event that will include five original movies, the premiere of Creepypata-esque series Channel Zero, and other favorites such as Cabin in the Woods and Drag Me to Hell.  Only time will tell if any of these will make it to air for those of us north of the border.

Published by Andrew Clendening