Kentucky is obviously one of the top-ranking American States in terms of sports activities. Courtesy of its massive output of nationally ranked basketballers and footballers, Kentucky continually earns significant recognition amongst other US States. If you are a sports fan from Kentucky, you should be happy knowing all the events you can enjoy in 2019.

While Kentucky is widely considered a basketball-oriented State, it has yet achieved lofty heights in several other sports including football. Some of its notable football players in recent times are Earl Heyman, Brian Brohm, Dennis Johnson, Micha Johnson, and Tim Couch.

2019 Sports Events of Kentucky

If you're an avid lover of sport, odds are that you'll love to find out some of the famous sports events to attend in Kentucky. In that case, we've come up with an article that will likely serve you in this regard.

Kentucky Derby

Perhaps the most popular Kentucky sports event, Kentucky Derby is a widely admired activity characterized by a famous horse race. By and large, it's Kentucky's biggest sports and US horseracing betting event and it is often held at Churchill Downs.

Contrary to the belief of some people, the event is more than a mere horse race as it embodies the Kentucky Derby Festival which is a sports activity lasting two weeks and featuring the Thunder Over Louisville fireworks display, marathons, hot-air ballon races and lots more.

Sports Fest

Considered an interesting Kentucky sports event, Sports Fest is an activity that features interactive displays from a number of organizations including Kentucky Science Centre, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and the Indianapolis Colts.

Aside from the exciting fact that it features giveaways, clinics, showcases and autograph sessions, the event is an interactive one intended to get kids involved in a number of sports activities.

World's Championship Horse Show

This is a famous Kentucky sports event that comes in collaboration with the Kentucky State Fair.

It's indeed one of the popular equestrian sports in the US and it is nearly exclusively reserved for Saddlebred horses. Also, lovers of Saddle seat Pleasure and Equitation consider it their premier annual sports event.

Rupp Arena Events

If you are a basketball lover, Rupp Arena is one of the first places to be in the USA for you. Located in downtown Lexington, Rupp Arena is the home court of University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team. You can buy tickets for Rupp Arena online and enjoy basketball game all year around. 

College Sports

College sports, including college football and college basketball, constitute the most admired sports activities in Louisville, Kentucky.

Barbasol Championship

Originating as an alternate sports event to Britain's The Open Championship, the Barbasol Championship is a popular golf tournament held on the PGA Tour in Kentucky. It is a professional sports event which began in 2015 with Alabama hosting its first three editions.

Since the 1959 Kentucky Derby Open, the Barbasol Championship was considered the first PGA Tour event in Kentucky though without the inclusion of majors.

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