The spring is almost here, and it is high time to update the mom closet! Though most of your clothes will stand the test of time, like skinny jeans, leggings and simple tees with saying on them, a few new pieces will make you ready for the new season.

Not every trend is mom-friendly, so we have chosen a few that are not only current but also comfortable and stylish.

Colors – blush and lavender or bright colors

Black is stylish and can be easily paired with… almost anything really. But in order to celebrate the new arrival of spring, you need a bit of color in your wardrobe. As far as lighter colors are concerned lavender takes the crown. The close behind is blush which has the same romantic and airy feeling about it.

Though lavender is the color of this season, bright colors will be ever-present this spring. The best example may be bright yellow which can bring the sunshine in any, less sunny, day.

Patterns – floral print or polka dots

With the spring come flowers and floral patterns. Though we have seen them already, some will feature smaller sized flowers than before. One tee with flowers will create a range of different options, as it can be combined with pants, jeans, and even shorts.

Plaid is still here to stay, but polka dots will be more in-trend this season. A shirt is the easiest way to add some dots to your wardrobe. Choose the one made out of lighter material, as it will have a softer fall. This means it is great for hiding the problem areas, but it will also be easier to move around in.

Pants – high waist, more leg room

Skinny jeans and leggings suit most of us quite well but the typical problem with pants seems to be the waist. Have no fear, this season high waist pants and jeans are all the rage. Comfy and safe for mommies to crouch in.

As we have already said, skinny jeans are great, but having a pair of pants with wider legs will make you look more stylish in a classy sort of way. They are great for the daily life of a mom but they will also say ‘this mom means business’.

Trench coat – useful and stylish

To top it all off, you need a coat to wrap it all up. A trench is a great way to do that. It will prove useful, as winter is still lingering, but also it is a stylish choice you can combine with most, if not all, of your clothing choices.

As far as the colors go, the favorites seem to be beige, light brown, lighter shades of gray and even white. A lighter variation of blush can also do the trick as it is neutral and easy to combine. But if you are not that into having a light-colored trench coat, try a darker shade in the same color family, like dark grey.

Shoes – comfy and cute

Nothing can beat the sneakers and for a mom they are an essential piece of clothing. Though many mention mom and maternity clothing rarely do we consider mom and maternity must-have shoes, such as the snickers. Laces let you customize the size of your shoes, depending on your current foot size.

A slightly more stylish choice of footwear are the sanuks. They are cute and lack of laces makes them easier to put on and off. They are even easier to combine with clothing and can come in a variety of colors, the most popular this season being lighter, pastel colors.

Cross-body purses

A bag is more than a stylish accessory, especially for a mom. We have some great news as there is a trend which is meeting the needs of moms everywhere. A cross-body bag keeps your hands free to tackle with the little ones and all you have to do is find the bag that speaks to you.


A mom has to be able to move without effort but also feel confident in her style choices. This season offers some great possibilities for the mom-on-the-move. This spring is all about keeping it simple, light and flowery and by obtaining only a few well-chosen pieces, you can be ready for this spring. Options are endless, so choose the ones that suit your mood but also the rest of your closet. And don’t forget to have fun shopping for the mom-spring look of 2018.

Published by Victoria Lim