After two and a bit years of waiting patiently I have finally been able to pick asparagus from our asparagus plant over the last fortnight.

Asparagus is an interesting plant to grow, as once you have planted it, you just let it do it's thing for 2 seasons (a year). Just let it grow. The third year, you cut it right back to ground level around Autumn, and then come Springtime these shoots just pop out of the ground. They respond to cutting, so after snipping off ones that are ready, new crowns will appear overnight. 

With greens like this in season once again, it is time to enjoy a few of my versions of this breakfast/brunch recipe:

The original post has dressed avocado and rocket as it's side greens. But broccolini and asparagus are 2 alternatives that also work really well.

If looking to use with asparagus – you can do in 2 ways:

Steam whole, season with salt, pepper and lemon juice
Cut in half lengthways, drizzle in olive oil, salt and pepper and grill on your griddle pan.

Broccolini and peas can be steamed and seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Dressed rocket or spinach is also a cracker, particularly with the avocado.

Published by Zoe Crichton