Spring in Melbourne

Now I am aware that Spring wherever you may be is quite different to Spring in Melbourne, and most likely it's Autumn or Fall where you are.   Yes in Melbourne Spring is pretty, yes there are flowers, yes the grass is green....but......

It is cold, it is rainy, it is the season of log fires when it first starts, it is like WINTER!!.......I guess it is the end of Winter, but Winter takes so long to well......rack off!!

Now in this sort of weather, you not only need to be rugged up with layers, as it can hit the mid twenties  without warning (as it did today).  It rained and it was foggy, it was very warm, then it was windy and now it's really cold!!  You also need to be waterproof!!!

So here are some gumboots or wellies that are city friendly yet keep your feet dry.  I also included some umbrellas in this selection.

You can wear the ankle boots just as everyday boots, and guess what, they are way cheaper than leather.  They are also more waterproof than leather.


It may be raining, but I find if you have nice things to use while it's raining, it's not so bad, there are some really cute wellies and umbrellas out there at very budget friendly prices.

Published by Susan Crowe