You've just finished your spring cleaning, but your house doesn't feel as fresh as you'd imagined. Starting with the living room, you move the couch, coffee table, recliners, and two end-stands. You're trying desperately to give the front room a "new look". To your chagrin, no matter how many times you rearrange your furniture, the vibe just isn't there. You've had your stained recliners for years and your ripped couch even longer – it's time to go furniture shopping in the GTA and take advantage of spring savings. 

Why and When to Update Your Furniture

Obviously, a good time to update your old pieces is self evident – it's when they're old:

The material is showing signs of wear and tear; stains from children and/or pets are visible; filling is coming out of pillows; besides the normal wear and tear, your couch or recliner isn't as comfortable as it once was; the cushions are flat, you're sinking down and having a difficult time getting back up due to a broken coil.

Other than the look and feel of your furniture, there are various reasons you may want to change it up. If you are moving, you many need to incorporate pieces that fit your new space. Styles change and you may want a modern design. If you've recently gotten married, you may need bigger pieces to accommodate the space. Children outgrow their bedding, so you may need to change from a crib to a toddler or twin sized bed. What about storage? You may want to adopt pieces that allow you to store items to make more space.

Choosing A Store

Furniture shopping in the GTA presents the modern shopper with an overwhelming number of choices; even if you live a bit north of the city, there are some great spots like the Chesterfield Shop in Newmarket to cater to your needs. Find a store that has been in business for a lengthy amount of time to ensure that they're not going to close anytime soon. For instance, if you have a question regarding the cleaning of your couch, or you notice they didn't deliver the pillows that came with your couch – whatever the reason – they will be there to handle your questions or concerns. The length of time they have been in business should re-assure you that they are no fly-by-night operation.

Next, find a furniture store that has a wide selection – you definitely want choices. Tables, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, beds and sofa-beds are just a few typical items you'll want to be able to choose from. You want to be able to decide on different designs, styles and fabric colours, so don't let yourself be limited on choices.

Lastly, choose a place that has great value and is conveniently located. You want quality pieces that are worth the money, not cheap, but a great value. Check for stores that offer long warranties, at least five years, in order to guarantee the money that you have spent is not lost if something goes wrong. Location should be within the vicinity of your neighbourhood to limit delivery fees or in case you decide to pick up the furniture yourself. Being close also lets you go back and get that side table that you couldn't afford last time without driving an hour away.

Now that you're excited to re-do that room, go shop! Spring savings on quality furniture are just around the corner!

Published by Evan Javier