Sri Lanka, a resplendent island with miles of beach, stunning hill country and natural beauty has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. This article explores some of the best boutique hotels in the country. Accommodation in general is very good in Sri Lanka as the booming tourist sector has brought about the development of a multitude of hotel packages in Sri Lanka, restaurants and entertainment spots with world-class standards.

Ceylon Tea Trails

Located in the Hill country that boasts a picturesque landscape, the hotel contains lavish bungalows inspired by colonial-era architects. The place is idyllic for travelers who appreciate the sheer beauty of nature. The hotel is surrounded by walking trails that go through lush tea plantations. The property is ideal for those looking for a quiet retreat overlooking breathtaking mountain ranges. The luxury boutique hotel serves diverse dishes along with the world famous delectable Sri Lankan cuppa.

Forest Rock Garden Hotel

Located in the sacred city of Anuradhapura, the epicenter of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, the Forest Rock Garden Hotel provides great facilities for relaxation with interior décor that exudes an air of tranquility. Experience ultimate luxury in seven suites, each with a private swimming pool. The elegant but simple design goes well with this secluded retreat that is perfect for travelers who would like a peaceful yet luxurious hotel for some solo introspection and views of Sri Lanka’s ancient Buddhist historic relics.

Ellerton Bungalows

Located in Kandy, a quintessential get away off-the-beaten track, this isolated set of Bungalows combine serenity with pure luxury. The refurbished and extended residence of a former tea estate manager the buildings provide an air of Sri Lankan tradition and rustic charm. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a pool that overlooks beautiful hills. Indulge in Sri Lankan as well as international cuisine with great dining areas.

Elephant Stables Kandy

A gorgeous boutique hotel that has been converted from a colonial building.  Just a 10 minute drive from the bustling city of Kandy, this hotel is surrounded by the breathtaking Knuckles Mountains. The rooms are decorated in British as well was Sri Lankan styles. This fantastic blend of traditional and contemporary interiors exudes a traditional charm.

The Fort Printers

Located in the Galle Fort, the Fort Printers Hotel is renowned for its fantastic seafood and exotic wine collection.  A great mix of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine along with the best international cuisine & locally sourced seafood ensures that the quality is unparalleled. Sri Lankan coastal cities are renowned worldwide for their delectable seafood.

An all-inclusive hotel package provides greater value for money as they include food, accommodation & other amenities that might cost more than you budget if you check-in to the hotel without booking in advance. It is quite normal that hotel rates vary wildly especially during peak tourist seasons, we recommend that you make a reservation in good time to ensure that you do not overspend in a country where accommodation could be quite expensive.

Published by Joseph Nicholls