Are you looking for kit electronics to fine-tune your vehicle engine?  Many times, we want to improve the performance of our engine but don't know how to go about the process of making the engine more economical, safer, and providing a better ride. One way to do this is to use kit electronics such as those offered by the STAG company. They offer you a module that you can use to find tune your engine. This is called STAG Tuning which we look at it here.

About STAG Tuning

Your car engine has enormous potential that is hiding underneath the hood. Whenever you get a car from the factory it's usually not adjusted individually, but it's adjusted according to the general settings set out by the manufacturer. When you use the STAG Tuning device this is going to unlock all of the hidden resources and power of your engine. You'll be able to optimize the settings for your particular vehicle. this is going to give you a more economical ride, a safer ride, and it's going to unlock all of the potential of your vehicle.

The STAG Tuning system will improve the power and the efficiency of the engine in the entire full rotary range. Once you use the system there will be an increase in power which is safe, and you'll get two more torque. In some cases, the torque increase can be up to 20% so this improves the overall flexibility of your engine even when it's running at high RPM. you get a more dynamic vehicle, but this doesn't increase the fuel consumption. The installation of this system is quite simple as there is only the need for connection of two wires. You don't need any specific knowledge to install this system and there is no need for the intervention of your vehicle computer. This is an independent module which is completely safe. Please keep in mind that this system only has an application for turbocharged engines. It won't work with direct injection, in direct injection, and diesel engines.


When you use the system, you'll have more efficiency and more flexibility in the gears of your engine at all speeds. You will minimize the turbo lag which is common in various vehicles. you unlock the possibility of various characteristics of your torque and Power waveform. There is a built-in processor which will emulate the control signals. You won't have to modify any of the software in your engine control unit so there is no breaking of the warranty of the vehicle that you've already purchased. With the system you can also emulate simultaneously two channels of the boost pressure. When you use this system, there won't be problems cause with the engine computer giving an error of check or check engine. you can use this system in any vehicle that has a diesel engine and an included a turbo sensor.


For anyone that's wants to improve the output of their engine, The STAG Tuning system is an ideal option. STAG is a company that offers many different controllers and kit electronics for your vehicle to meet all of your needs.

Published by Alice Queen