As I peaked through the stained window,
I saw huts, roads, people indulged in a drama labeled life.

Each had a role to play, and I to observe today,
Journey sparked alive, as accompanied I was by myself on the side.

How great the feeling was of meeting your friend beloved, once in a lost while.

I said “life is full of problems, sorrows and occasional moments of joy, is their a way to eliminate the initials and dwell just in joy ?”

“We are born with abilities, develop capabilities, realize possibilities, seek opportunities, and arises here the game of satisfactions and expectations” He replied.

“So?” I cried.

“We learn happiness means success, and success fulfilment, yet rarely we realize happiness not is a product but perception!

We become happy when we think we have fulfilled the cost that lies, Yet my dear friend, happiness is free of charge, universe hardly demands, it’s us who have tied it with illusions enjoyed”! He replied.

For a brief moment quite, manifested the cosmic music we call life!

the journey continued, as our cups yet contained few drops of poet’s wine!

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Published by Alamgir Khan