Yeah, FML— that’s pretty much the only thing a newbie manual driver in such a predicament could say.  Most would hope and pray they‘d never find themselves in such a situation. Yet, life does not—your vehicle does not care that you do not want to be thrown out of your comfort zone. No, in reality, you will stall. You will stall out in the most unexpected of places, often in a time and space that scares you: makes you feel oh so uncomfortable.

See life, like your actual motor vehicle, runs off an input value. So, now you need to shift up to 6th gear to keep up with the increasing flow of traffic speeds . . . you hit the clutch, but you miss your 6, grind your gears, and your foot slips                off the gas pedal… “oh! sh!t, I never practiced this . . . wtf do I do?”


Remember—you’re driving your vehicle because you know how to drive your vehicle. You’ve already passed the knowledge test, and you’ve successfully passed the on the road test. So relax, no stress zones please . . . 

Your life will stall out. Your life will stall out in the most daunting of places—please for your sake, and that of all the other drivers on the road nearby breathe, think, focus, but DO NOT PANIC. If need be, throw on your hazard lights and take a breath as you push down your clutch, gather your knowledge of past driving experiences and daily lessons, restart your engine, refocus your mental, lift off the clutch as you accelerate once more.

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” —James Baldwin

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#Teaspiration Thursday 07-08-2016

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