You and your friends go out on the town to your new favorite restaurant; you order a meal from the same menu you always use. You’ve paid for your total, as well as received the correct amount of change back.

… Now you’re in line waiting patiently.

Your order number has been called out by the adorable timid server. As you’re reaching for your tray, you notice that the order you are receiving, was not what was expected. Instead of what you have asked for they prepared you something totally different. In this situation what would you do?? Re-order, confront the order taker or whip it off and go on about your life?

You see we all have a different way of handling situation that can also be compatible to life’s simple gestures;

While doing so reviling your true Demeanor...

If you go back demanding for the correct order; you then show that you’re willing to stand for what is needed and not settle for what has been given to you. There are also those whom, rather take what has been made for them; while doing so settling for what people feel you deserve. I settle for nothing, and fight for every moral I have in my being. My passion is hungry to be noticed. Yet while doing so, knowing when to be mute. Not every situation deserves a reaction. But when it comes to the times that require one, we must be able to speak on what we are feeling; without the situation escalating.  We must pray for the power to control the things we shouldn’t say, and to say the things we should speak on. This can only be through the work of God. He is the only one whom can fully control us as needed. Pray for his powers over yourself, your family and friends. The wrong things said at the wrong time can result in a dangerous ending. Lord Jesus is our only protection against ourselves and others. Allow him to have full control. Moral of the story. He is higher, we are weaker, yet with his protection over our minds, bodies, and souls we can become our strongest!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews