Monday Message

For those of you that are new to series, Monday Message is about what lessons I learned from Sunday from my Bishop while at church. I am not a religious nut by any means; I am all for whatever gets you through the day and this gets me through my days so if this doesn't speak to you that's fine, skip Mondays.


I am Christian but that doesn't mean my life is all roses, that hard times don't happen to me or that I don't ask why? However, when I need a message, I can always count on receiving one at church. This one I really needed, not that I don't believe but sometimes you need to hear it again. Yes, even Miss Positive me sometimes needs reinforcement. This was this week's message:


When you stand in your place, that is when you stand in your faith, you don't have to fear evil. You don't have to stress the issues of life and you don't have to lose sleep over the things in your head.


If you know the word of God is inside of you, stand on that faith and know that this too shall pass... (and I am crying now because this was my mom's favorite quote and she's been on my mind this last week that was the 5th anniversary of her death)


Times may be turbulent right now and things are coming at you so your world is turning upside down. God is not surprised that this is happening to you. You are being tested so don't be shocked that the enemy is attacking you. For when He has great things in store for you, the enemy will attack the hardest so stand on your faith. Think:

I know I am struggling right now ...but God.

I know the enemy is attacking me...but God.

Even when you don't feel him around you...but God.


He might not show up today, he may not show up tomorrow but he will show up! You just have to stand in your faith and wait for him to show up, do not waiver on your faith. When you keep asking for things to be perfect and to have no problems, you're looking for God to work in a perfect environment. If everything is perfect in your life, why do you need God? I know we all think "why can't you just bless me and bypass all that drama and pain?" In order for God to work in your life, you've got to go through something because when you get through it, you'll realize that you've come too far to let anything shake your faith. You're one step away from what you went through which means one step closer to your promise land. Even though it's what you want, you're afraid it's too big to conquer.


You are well able to conquer this. This is what God has in store for you. You have to let go of your fears, you have to know you have come this far, you have suffered long enough so this is yours. All you have to do is overcome your fear and stand in your faith.


Speak those things that are not...believe in the word! Don't panic, don't lose faith and don't stress about things. Have you ever been so beaten up by life that you lost your faith? You must stand up and stand on your faith, now more than ever.


I leave you today with this my friends, one of my favorite bible verses, one that I know is true because I have put it to work in my life over and over again... So much so I had the word "believe" tattooed on my foot:

Mark 11.22
Have faith in God, you can say to this mountain, move.. and you may lift it up and throw into the sea and it will happen must really believe it will happen!


Stand in your faith and believe....


"Be the change you want to see"

"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

Published by Francesca Villardi (Treadmill Treats)