The Word of God is powerful!

I could almost finish this whole article right there. Enough said! God’s Word is indeed powerful. Not just intellectual and full of great wisdom but supernaturally powerful. Isaiah 55:11 teaches us that Gods Word actually goes about and accomplishes whatever it is sent to do and it does not return void, or without having finished the job.

As Christians we live to believe this, upholding Gods Word above every circumstance and opinion and holding onto it as an anchor for our souls.

Unfortunately not everyone believes this.

1Cor 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.


This verse tells us that those that are without God see the Word of God as foolish, but we who are saved see it as our power. The Word for power here in the original Koine Greek is dunamis- This word literally means dynamite power, which is supernatural power. Not a natural power but a force that works outside of the natural that is explosive.

As we learnt, it really doesn’t matter what the foolish believe or don’t believe, because we know a God that heals and releases the captives. A God that makes you 100% righteous even if your actions haven’t always lined up. A God that lifts oppressions and depressions and any other demon inspired rubbish. We can stand on the Word knowing its true and it always produces what it is sent to do.

The Bible talks about a good fight of faith. As we just learnt there are some that would argue Gods supernatural power, but that shouldn’t stop us from believing. Satan’s plan is to rob the Word of God out of your life and one way he does this is by trying to make people believe that Gods Word doesn’t in-fact come with power. I have literally had people try to argue with me that God cannot heal them. Doesn’t that just sound moronic? He can create the whole entire universe in 6 days, but can’t heal a sickness. This is why we are told to become as little children, even a child can see that if God is so big He could heal a person.

Unfortunately Satan is on a warpath to stop people from believing the Dunamis Power that the Bible talks about. I encourage you today to not listen to the foolish. The people that the Bible say are perishing, but to look to the pure Word of God that brings life, healing and strength.

Don’t allow persecutions or mockery to stop you from standing on God’s Word for your promise. God is good and He is also not a man that He can lie. No longer sit in a Church that doesn’t believe the entirety of God’s Word but go where you will be strengthened to stand on the truth. The truth is simply what God says, everything else is a lie. Don’t allow your faith to be squished by people that don’t trust in the Word.

Ps 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.


Just as we read in Psalm 1:1, we will be blessed if we don’t take their advice. Any counsel that does line up with believing what God said will only bring trouble. Set your face like flint to believe God at His Word. Psalm 4 teaches that the Word that is kept in our heart will bring health to all our flesh. I want you to believe that today.

I know someone is needing to read this. I can feel in the Spirit that God is wanting to encourage you today that He sees you, and He sees those that are trying to bring you down, but if you just continue to push in and believe God, all will be well. Stay in the fight, don’t be moved by man’s face or opinions. You know the Word is true, just stand and continue to believe it. After all is said and done, those that mock and scour at you will see Gods hand in your life and they will be shown to be wrong. God is moving, just keep believing.


Be blessed

Love Carol Eddington.xx

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Published by Carol Eddington