"What happened to her.

What happened to the girl who was fearless.

Who didn’t question herself or abilities.

Who was confident in every aspect of her being.


What happened to her.

What happened to the girl who fought.

Who wasn’t afraid to take risks despite the odds against her.

Who worked to perfect the craft she loved the most.


When did she become afraid.

When did she start questioning her abilities, herself.

When did she become the person that needed advice and not the person who gave it.

When did she become so lost.


It must have happened when no one was looking.

When I was alone with my own thoughts.

When I started to please everyone but myself.

When I was too afraid of the unknown.


Now, I’m standing again, moving forward.

I’m realizing my weaknesses and strengths.

I’m rediscovering my lost self.

I’m realizing what life truly has to offer."

~ C.R.T

Published by Catrece Ann Tipon