Life is full of crossroads, and we have to make a choice. Often we are pressured to follow one way and not the other leaving a part of our heart behind. The simplest example is when a teenager has made up his/her mind about a major in college and his parents strongly advice against the chosen path and re-route to whatever would seem like a more reasonable choice. Have you ever thought how many writers, painters, singers, actors, psychologists could the world have today if they weren't advised to become financial analysts, lawyers or doctors? Something tells me that we could have many more talents out here in the world that today by circumstances are hiding in ORs, courts and negotiation rooms.

The parental pressure comes in many shapes and forms and education or rather career path is only a fraction of what it can really influence. Think about the matters of heart. Today, we live in a rather modern society, where the man doesn't necessarily have to ask the father of the bride to be for his daughter's hand in marriage. Contrary to popular belief, parental opinion on the union is nonetheless important to some of us out there. There is a beauty and romance in having a blessing from your father on the new family that you are about to start together with your second half. But what if your family is not in favour of your match? Do you give up on love? That's probably the toughest crossroad you'd have to cross. I say you don't give up on love despite any obstacles that come your way. If it is true love, it will definitely find its way through the ups and the downs. I say if one day you are at the crossroad, chose the path of love. Career will follow, and honestly, as much as it is important - without having someone dear to heart to share your success with, are you going to be all that happy?

Societal pressures have been discussed in my posts before. What has been somewhat neglected is friendship. Friends are the most important people in our lives, as these people become our family. And just as in any family, friends stay true to each other at the ugliest times and join together in celebrations of happiness and joy. Friends also have the ability to influence our decisions and drag us towards the wrong path. How do you know that the friendship that you believe to be so strong and unbreakable will not just fall apart one day? How do you know that your friendship is so true that if you trust and go down the path with your friends you won't end up in cave alone one day? Someone smart once told me that one always have to be cautious people change their moods, hearts and behaviours so unexpectedly so you could never trust anyone for 100%, unless you have passed the test of time and distance. I guess what I am saying is that even and especially at the crossroads of your life trust your heart first and listen to advice of your friends but most importantly trust your heart.

There is nothing wrong in choosing something that you truly want once in a lifetime.  It is your life and your mistakes to make and your joys and successes to celebrate. All you need is one person to believe in you - so believe in yourself. It is not easy making a decision, you never know what the next turn will bring to your life. This right there is the true beauty of life! You have come so far already by making your own choices, trust yourself. At the end of the day, the only person who knows what is best for you - is you!


Published by Karina Saakyan