I had been eyeing these up since they we released just before episode 7. I had never tried Freedom makeup before, and I was slightly wary as the price was so cheap – £5 for 5 lipsticks!

But boy oh boy was I wrong to be wary. All of these shades, apart from the white are a semi matte metallic, and have names that nudge towards Star Wars.
From left to right we have, Sky-Walker, Far Away, Trooper, Space Luxe  and The Sith.

And here are the swatches. The white, Trooper was quite hard to build up but it’s such a bright clean white, perfect to create an ombre lip as well as a stand out lip for festivals.

Far Away is a stunning purple with a cool glitter tone, very dark, but vivid. I’m definitely using this for Download festival!

Space Luxe is the gold lipstick, this is surprisingly super versatile, it looks great on its own as a stand out metallic lip, but it also looks great as a light layer over the top of a red or pink lipstick to add some subtle golden sparkle.

The Sith is this very dark, almost black, blue tone. At least I think it’s blue, it has blue glitter in it, again, this is also great on it’s one, but will also be handy for a ombre lip. Just use it in the corners to darken your original tone.

And lastly, my favourite, Sky-Walker. This one is the most opaque out of all 5. Its a stunning gun metal grey with added silver sparkle. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for, but I can’t wait!

So that’s the swatches, I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying another of their collections soon, after seeing these, I can safely say I’m hooked.

Published by Elisha Jayne