Honestly, I can't be the only one who can't believe we're going over the whole Starbucks cup thing again. Next holiday season, I hope they come blank with crayons so people can color them like the children they act like. Let's go over this logically, because it is apparently something we need to talk about again.

Starbucks, not unlike Target, is not a historically conservative company. Therefore, why should anyone expect them to behave as such? We are in 21st century America - start expecting things to reflect that fact. If people stop expecting companies to carry out policies in opposition to their values, they won't be able to allow themselves to become so upset over trivial decisions those companies make, and maybe we'll have one less Twitter-storm.

Can we also acknowledge that green is Starbucks' trademark color? Simply coloring their cups with the company color does not make it a specifically "holiday" item. This private company has the right to use whatever cup design they darn well please. This is simply a coincidence that people have not been able to recognize because they reacted with emotion rather than logic, becoming blind with senseless rage. 

Regardless of your opinion on Starbucks' policies as they relate to religion or politics, the general message that they are conveying with their new design should be applauded. The company's chairman and CEO Howard Schultz commented that the cup is a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other. What better, non-partisan message would you like to see on an insignificant, disposable coffee cup during a year like this one? The election alone is enough to make me at least want to sucker-punch 2016. 

Bottom line: it's just a cup. There are much better things to spend your time getting upset over. If, for some reason, you find yourself boycotting Starbucks this Christmas on religious grounds behind their cup design, don't be surprised to find me genuinely amused with your decision. As a christian, I don't feel the need to spend my energy unnecessarily on something so unimportant. Instead, I will drink my grande peppermint mocha with bliss, trying to not think about the election outcome. 

Happy Hallowthankmas, everyone.


Published by Christina Rowland