As much as the darkness of the night can be awful;
I’m not scared of it as it approaches;
Because I can count on the moon;
To light up the sky;

Soft is its light;
But bright enough it is to light my path;
No matter how far I walk;
I find it right in front of me;
As if it is moving with me;
Keeping me company;
Till I get home;

Whiles the sun’s energy has the tendency;
To make me hyper, bubbly and even aggressive;
The caresses of the moon on my face;
Renders me sober, calm and reflective;
As the noise of the world simmers down into hushed tones;
And all the loud voices and thoughts in my head go to sleep;
I am tempted to worry about what becomes of me;
When the sun comes back up the next morning;
But the moon soothes my mind;
Reminding me to be grateful for the day;
As tomorrow’s issues will take care of themselves;

Just as the moon’s existence makes the night less scary;
And can be counted on to show up when you need it to;
It reminds me that no matter how terrible situations become;
I have Someone to count on to show up to see me through;
Just as the moon moves with me with every step in the night;
The Creator of the moon is with me through thick and thin;

So there’s nothing to worry about;
As long as there’s the option to pray about it;
If the moonlight can calm my nerves;
Then God can calm my troubled heart;
If I can trust the moon to appear in the sky;
Then what stops me from trusting that;
God will be by my side when life takes a dark turn?

I’m grateful for the moon’s prompt response to darkness;
But I’m even more grateful for God’s sure presence;
To keep me company when I feel most helpless.

What does the moon teach you?

© Josephine Amoako 2016

Published by Josephine