Yes, it's true. You may make money online working from home and can actually produce a lot of money in the event that you work hard, stay focused and execute. You are able to build a home travel business and live the Internet lifestyle you usually imagined by operating an on line home travel business. This information will put to rest any misgivings you might have had about starting an on line travel business. I won't sugar coat it. In reality a lot of what I have to state will probably cause an up-roar in some elements of the internet travel industry. I am aiming to tell it want it is.

Who really Makes Profit Online Travel. The truth is that you can't really produce a lot of money reselling other businesses travel products. This statement is directed towards the home-based travel agent market. Yes, its easy to get going as a home-based travel agent and the internet travel agencies can give you your own personal personalized white label branded website, including quality customer care but in the end you are NOT building a business, you are only paying yourself a salary.

Don't be fooled.

I am amazed at the quantity of junk that there surely is online on the market catering to the make money online from home crowd, touting selling travel while the approach to freedom and riches. This the fact is probably the most important fact anyone will ever let you know if you should be just thinking about entering the internet travel business. Let me continue doing this for you personally an additional time.

It's difficult to become rich and build a business reselling other individuals travel products. You can be rich over time by building a business that sells your own personal uniquely branded travel products. You may get rich and build a business in the event that you "own the travel product."

Owning the travel product means that you are contracting directly with travel suppliers under your company's own contracts, you are not just reselling a journey product owned by another travel business, tour operator, travel agency or travel consolidator. Your business creates the travel product by doing deals directly with travel suppliers. Your contracts with the travel suppliers become your businesses own unique inventory for the travel products you will soon be selling. The new travel product becomes your own personal brand. Your online travel business sells the travel product straight to consumers online or wholesales it too other travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators and resellers.

The Home based Travel Agent Dilemma.
I know I am opening up a can of worms here by disclosing this information but it is the truth. My intent is never to knock anyone down but to supply insight into how the internet travel business really works and showing you WHO is really making the cash and how you possibly can make a real income by deciding from the get go to truly build a business.

Yes, if you intend to make $20,000-$50,000 working from home then reselling cruises or popular travel products would be the best selection for you but if you intend to make a real income, six or seven figures and you intend to build a business that has real tangible value and may be sold later then you need to produce and sell your own personal travel products.

The Internet is NOT causing Travel Agencies too shut down.
I genuinely believe that the main reason that brick and mortar travel agencies are closing is not due to the Internet but because all they are really doing is reselling other individuals travel products. The Internet contributed to the destruction of the traditional brick and mortar travel agency but the biggest factor in the down fall of travel agencies and travel agents in the travel industry is due to the fact that they are not selling anything unique or different from anyone else. It is a business model established to fail in the long run.


Published by Charlesa Gibson