Her life is as same as yours, she has been raised just as you, she got the same kind of love from her parents,she got the same kind of encouragement from her teachers, she was also surrounded with friends group, she also had fun in her college days. Things just changed on the day, she looked at your eyes and decided to move on make her life, a part of your life. She also gets tired while knocking the door at evening but her loving family energizes her to bring the best on the dining table.

Love happens sometimes before marriage & sometimes after but have you ever thought where is that magical spell now a days. What was responsible for the gradual erosion that the relationship has lost all its color.  Its true in the course of time a woman gets evolved in her family and work but it is not in her hands to keep the magical love alive all by herself. She needs the special care which was offered to her many years before. These days it is really difficult to take time out of the busy schedule but sometimes some silent actions can also help to maintain a healthy love life.  Hug her often, you do not need a reason to do that. She is also a friend beside your wife. What about a sudden long drive and don't you dare look at the time before asking her! Go to unisex salons and spend the salon time together. Help her in the kitchen and do not take that as work specially designed for you. Two glasses of wine with music can also bring the lost charm on the dinner plates.

This life is short and day by day getting more shorter to abide by the wedding vows. You may have no memories to cherish at old age if you do not held her hand today. Diamonds are said to be women's best friend but the value of your true love, loyalty and respect are the only things that she wants to keep locked in her heart.


Published by Shreyasi Das