Ok. You’ve been probably told that you have to work very hard for your dreams. Perhaps, you’ve been said that since you don’t have the resources to succeed, what you wish for is impossible.

It’s fine, though. No one has to believe you can - their opinion doesn’t influence the outcome of the situation.

Many persons tried countless times to make me give up what I like doing, but still, here I am. I am working and I’m progressing. I also do what I love - I write and I share my passion with the rest of the world.

I don’t know what your dream is. It might be very hard to achieve and you might feel down at times, but keep in mind this “You can!”. As Les Brown says “It’s possible.”

I want you to be aware of the next simple fact. As long as you have passion and are willing to work hard and to not take “no” for an answer, you can reach your goal. If you have passion, determination and ambition, you already have what you need.

You should start small, with what you have. Don’t wait for opportunities, find them! Create them! In the beginning, they won’t be maybe impressive. They might bring you only pieces of what you need in the bigger picture. It’s a start, though.

Small doesn’t result in failure. You will fail one, twice. But if you learnt from it, you know how to proceed the next time, so it’s not a wasted experience. We are taught that failure is so bad. Yet, only from the down moments we learnt how to rise.

Believe in yourself. Start with what you have and give all you’ve got.

What will you do for your dream today?

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd