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For the year 2017, I’m back with my Planner!

I have stopped for two years using a planner since I lost my motivation for using one. Usually, when I use a planner I turn it into my scrapbook and diary. I put pictures of events happened on certain days or just scribble/doodle on my planner. The use of my planner was not only to plan or to schedule an event but also to be like a yearly album full of memories.

I started having a “Planner-Album-Diary” when I was in High School and whenever I see those planners again, I reminisce the fun events happened back then. Seeing those planners made me missed in having one. With that, I will start 2017 with a planner.


This 2017, I will surely be needing a planner with the Thesis defense coming up, Graduation, Board Exam review, Board Exam, and more! I really do hope that the Planner I chose would help in planning and cherishing the events in my life for this year.

For the year 2017, I chose the 2017 Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner. Last time I got a BDJ planner was I think around the year of 2011 and now, I’m going to use one again. I think BDJ’s theme, “Trust Your Heart to Overcome The Waves,” for this year will inspire me with everything I will do. The theme is really appropriate for the events that will happen this year.

The Belle De Jour Planner has various additional sections that I think will help me. Some of the sections are: BDJ 2017 Checklist, Dream Board, Bills & Cash Flow Tracker, and more.



It also has a weekly list for me to note the weekly activities, and a prioritize section for the important task I must do for the day. It also has a space for my random thoughts within the day.


The planner also comes with a magnetic bookmark! How cool is that?!

With all those different sections inside the planner, Belle De Jour also have discount coupons + a Lifestyle Card with additional perks that I can use for the year 2017.


The card and coupons could be used in Belle De Jour’s partner brands, food selections, and hotels such as Celeteque, Ace Water Spa, Subic Grand Seas Resort, Red Box, Chef Tony, Keds, and more. Oh the perks of a Bella!

If interested for a BDJ Power Planner, this type of Planner costs Php598. They also have a different cover design with the same price of Php598 and a limited edition cover at Php680 each. The Belle De Jour Planner is available in different bookstores. You can also order online by visiting their Facebook Page or website.

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