Well, I started a new job last week.

I was nervous

I hoped I could perform

I hoped people would like me

I hoped I would fit in


I knew I was starting this job around 6 weeks ahead of time.  I work as an integration aide.  I was going from a Primary School to a High School. 

Wow!  this brought me back to my high school days when I was a teenager.  I was so nervous that I missed the turnoff into the carpark and drove around like a maniac trying to get in the right gate...it was comical.

I have IBS and stress triggers it, so I have been eating as healthy as I can during January.  

I sorted my working wardrobe out from top to bottom (I am also a personal stylist so that helps)  doesn't stop the nerves though.

I do find that doing something constructive about the stress does help.  Exercising more has helped me, as well as sorting out my working wardrobe, my desk at home, as well as reading up on the school I was going to.

What I haven't told you yet, is that it's my children's school and I know most of the staff there.  That didn't stop the nerves at all!  It just wanted me to perform even more!  I wanted my kids to not be embarrassed by me being there, they are teenagers of after all.

Anyway, as luck would have it, when I rolled up, the people I knew and am now working with were there already.  I felt so welcomed.  The new staff I am teamed up with are wonderful characters and we get along so well.

I know, sounds like a fairytale but I think the key is to be yourself, still your fears by being constructive and finding out more about your new job.  Sort out what you can and what is in your power to do so.

Sure there are teething problems in the paperwork side of things but you have to go with the flow and I'm sure that happens in all jobs.  Happened in all my previous jobs, that's for sure.

What you have to remember is that when you were given the job, the people already saw great potential in you anyway, so their opinions of you are already high.

Don't show off, and don't suck up, express your opinion but be respectful of others and listen to them as well.

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe