Minimalism: when a lot less is more. Before I shifted to the minimalist lifestyle, I did plenty of research to make sure I was getting the idea behind it and to make sure I did it right. Here are the tops tips I have for those of you who want to adopt the minimalist lifestyle –

1. Declutter:

Decluttering is not just cleansing your home, but also cleansing your soul. Getting rid of duplicates and keeping items based on utility is the main concept that minimalists follow. I followed a Konmari challenge, which aided immensely. There are plenty of Pinterest boards with several different types of decluttering methods.

2. Habits

The minimalist lifestyle promotes healthy and smart life habits. It's a lifestyle, and therefore, encompasses every single area in your life. from smart work habits to healthy eating habits to empowering dressing habits – minimalism gets in there. Do a bit of research to find what routines suit you and start implementing them since minimalist living focuses on you as an individual and constant individual growth.

3. Productivity

The main tip I have for those of you who are starting out is to be more productive. Minimalism provides you with ample time for hobbies and work. It’s far too easy to slack off when you have such a great amount of time, however, if you do so, you won’t be able to follow the lifestyle. Instead, make use of the time given wisely: work smart.

Smart productivity, not simply ‘working for the sake of working’ productivity is the key.

4. Avoid Comparison

When you're a minimalist, you're not ruled by material possession, but you still live in a capitalist economy. It’s easy to look at others and wonder why you don’t have certain things, while it’s difficult to look at others and still be satisfied with what you possess. Avoid comparison and remember that minimalism is all about living with less amount items - that are generally greater in utility - and objects so that your growth is the center of your life.


Published by Cat Regrets