Jesus was born from heaven but lived in Nazareth.  He was born royal yet lay in a manger.  It is not where you live that makes you royal but it is who your Father is. Good things can come out of Nazareth!  It doesn’t matter which side of the tracks you came from and it doesn’t matter where you live.

Hebrews 2.10 says that God is bringing many sons to glory. That’s you and me and as you walk down the street, you are literally the son or daughter of God.   You are not divine but the Person within you is. We have the same Holy Spirit as Jesus.

Jesus fellow shipped freely with his Father and because we are totally accepted in the Beloved, we enjoy the same fellowship.  When we awake, our Father is waiting to talk.   Our righteousness and standing with God, is in common with Christ.  We have security, purpose and favour because we are sons along with Jesus.

God so loves the world that when Father wants to reach it, He gives sons.  God wants us to live like a son; He is waiting for the sons to begin to act like sons. Jesus is within us – let Him loose.  Jesus came to tell about the kingdom, heal the sick and to cast out devils. What about us? He said “As the Father sent me so I send you” into the world. John 17

The revelation of our son ship will affect the way we live.  Till we know it in our hearts we will live below our dignity and our destiny.  Some behavior is beneath those that are favored by the Father. When the prodigal son remembered who he was, it changed the way he lived.  His condition was only changed when he took his position as a son.

Friend, when we see who we are and that like Jesus we have been born into this world from above, it changes the way we live.  Don’t live beneath your status.

Published by Jim Shaw