When the weather is good, Max and I go to the park quite often. Now, I have no problem with him running about; that is the whole point of taking him in the first place.

What I don’t like, is not having him in my view. On this particular day, Little Yum-Yum decided he was big enough to scoot off to the point I almost lost sight of him. Of course, this threw me into a panic, so I called out his name (loudly) several times before he actually stopped.

He then decided to pick up his scooter and run back towards me. I told him to slow down, to put his scooter down and to come back to me. He wouldn’t listen…

… And this was the result.

Well this was two weeks ago, and he’s still telling me he can’t walk!

You have to carry me, mummy. I can’t bend my knee.

It is healing well. I did explain to him why I didn’t want him to stray too far from me. He said he understood.

Obviously, in a way he would better understand, I told him it was dangerous, because if something happened, I might not be able to get to him or find him. So here’s a question… Do you think I’m being over protective?

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Published by Persia Karema