“You’re crazy.” “You guys don’t have TV?” “You weren’t on birth control?” These are the things i heard from various people when I announced that I was pregnant with my third child. I had just had Logan in January of 2015 and by August of 2015 I found out I was pregnant with Tobias. I already knew the comments would come. It was inevitable. After having Logan I knew were I ever to have another child people would have a lot to say.

I had my daughter when I was 16. And by the time she was 3 people were already asking me if I planned on having more. I was working full time, I was single, and I was trying to go to school. Having more children was not on my mind. I didn’t get around to getting pregnant again until she was 6. I had been with my boyfriend for a year and we were in a good place. Our finances were decent enough and we decided to have a baby. I got pregnant pretty quickly and gave birth to Logan. That’s when people thought my uterus was somehow their business. “Oh you have your pair.” “You’re done right?” Oh and my personal favorite, “No more, that’s it”. Who the hell do they think they are to tell me when I’m done having children? I would constantly say things like “That’s between me and my boyfriend”. “That’s not really up to you.” “Mind your own uterus.” So of course when I soon became pregnant again I prepared for it. 

I didn’t plan on announcing my pregnancy, and not out of shame but because I wanted to keep it private, as only something my close family knew about. I also wanted to avoid any annoying comments that would cause me to argue with people. However because I come from a Puerto Rican family who cannot seem to keep their mouths shut word of my pregnancy got out and at about 20 weeks pregnant I announced it on Facebook, so everyone could see it at once. While on Facebook the comments were along the lines of congratulating us, in person I heard things like “Oh my God, again?” “Three?!” “Are you crazy?” My responses became more vulgar and I would purposely try to make them uncomfortable, just for my own entertainment. Although at the time we were seriously talking about making this our last I would tell people we planned on four more, or we would just pop them out until we couldn’t anymore. My favorite response: “He gets naked and I just can’t help myself.” 

Why is it that everyone wants their privacy respected but when it comes to a woman’s reproductive and parenting business no one can respect privacy at all? Why is it their business how many children I have and when I have them? It’s not. It’s my business. So while we have come to the conclusion that we are done having children, I will continue to tell nosy people that we plan to have ten more just for my entertainment. If any of you have any more fun comebacks I can add to my list, please tell me. I’m running low on witty responses. And if you are one of those nosy people I would just like to tell you, you’re an asshole. Cut it out, it’s not your business, stay out of her uterus.

Published by The Mom Face