Sometimes we stick around to long; it always occurs to me as if we are fulfilling something that should’ve already been filled. The reason being why years later we are sometimes still in the process of finishing what God has created for us to step into; as if you are working a job that you feel in your spirit and heart that you have surpassed its limits. As if there is nothing left for you in that particular position. Would you then stay? Because for some reason its promising… or leave because you know once you have checked off one item, another is quickly available? (Faith in Gods ability)

 My point of telling you this is because I don’t want you to give up on what could be standing right in front of you. There is always a reason being why you were practically chosen to fulfill that particular purpose to the point where you want be moved until you do. Focus; grow through whatever is in front of you. And prevail in what he has next for you. Not saying it wasn’t your purpose. Just saying if it’s lasted longer then it feels it should; then you might want to put a fire under your bottom and move just a tad bit faster. Everything is set in stone for a reason. You can’t get to plan C, without crossing A and B. don’t get complacent in “A”, because you will never make it to “C”.

So what I am trying to say is, sometimes we get complacent in environments that we were only supposed to grow through. Nothing in life is permanent, not even this life. So after fulfilling the purpose God had for you in that particular time of your life. Ask him what else is there for me to fulfill? What may be your next assignment ….lead me Lord God as I only want to follow you! And I promise he will move you to every place he feels you are needed.

May God Continue Blessing you!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews