Hello Miners, Crafters, and Minecrafters! Welcome to the step-by-step guide to scaffolding! This is an absolute must-read if you're going to build in Survival Mode. Here's what you'll need:


  • Dirt


  • Shovel

Alright, let's get started!
Step 1:

Start by laying the foundation for your structure. This will help us see where to place the scaffolding.

Step 2:

Starting at one corner, place a Dirt block on the 2nd diagonal from the corner.

Next, build a small set of stairs like so.

Step 3:

Build a straight row of Dirt blocks by extending the top step along the side of the foundation all the way around. When you turn a corner, be sure to keep a 1-block gap between your foundation and scaffolding.

Once you've built your path around all 4 sides, be sure to stop 1 block before you reach the starting corner.

Pro Tip: Be sure to crouch when building or walking on scaffolding so that you won't fall off. While crouching, step all the way to the edge and aim down at the side of the block you are standing on. Now you can place a block there to extend your walkway!

Step 4:

Build another stairway. This one will be 1 block taller then the first. The end of the stairway should be directly above your starting block.

Step 5:

Build a walkway all the way around like before. It should be directly above your first walkway.

Be sure to stop 1 block short of your last stairway.

Build another stairway like the one in Step 4. Repeat until your scaffolding is one level taller than your structure.

Step 6:

Start building!

You may need to build a path out over the top of your structure to reach parts of the roof.

Step 7:

Remove your scaffolding level by level, starting from the top and moving down along the path.

Now you can move in. Great job!

Published by Tyler Deal