Nerds vs. Jocks I recently watched the movie Hairbrained, where the main character is a geek/nerd with crazy hair, named Eli Pettifog, a brilliant teen who aspired to get into harvard, gets rejected and ends up at Whitman College. At some point in the movie he meets a jock who threatened and bullied him. The cliché of nerds versus jocks has been going on for a very long time in teen movies, where typically the dumb-ripped jock beats up the nerd who wears thick glassses and is dressed weirdly. In my opinion, the nerds actually beat the jocks in the real life, since they have more mental capabilities, they have better chances of getting a better job, and the nerd ironically beats up the jock, obviously not in a physical or verbal manner. If it was poetry, poetic justice for the nerds indeed. Now the movie got me thinking, is this stereotype actually true? In my experience, nerds are actually superior in some ways, but still shamed for being too studios, but like I said earlier, they still get the last laugh, especially now that they practically "run the world" because of technology, technology that is used anytime and anywhere. Although some jocks may excel in extracurricular activity, which may lead them to a career in sports, but most of time, some don't, some jocks don't actually end up with a sports career, they end up with common jobs, unlike the ones who excelled academically, the ones who were not considered cool in school, end up with greater, higher paying jobs. I typically see the nerd-jock relationship in the movies, which I think, gives off a bad image to the ones who are on the varsity team. How about you? What are your opinions about these stereotypes?

Published by Ocean Savellano