The warrior is at peace before the rising storm

He listens to the whispers of all who’ve gone before


His heart emits a serenity, broad strength amid the fray

Open to the voice of reason, silently he prays


He sits with ease and senses the night

Earths vibrant energy ,a sword through the spine


Like the magician he knows the mystical life

He does not cohort with Gossip nor lie’s


The warrior is cool on approach to the storm

No time for agenda’s, a new way is born


The breath of love, compassion and humble is he

Patiently prepared, he plants the seed of life’s tree

Tambara Lilly, 09/15/2016

This poem is in honour of Justin Deshamps and his web site (Stillness in the Storm), which has become an important voice for truth and wisdom in the awakening community at large.

I have found his writing style and dedication to the cause for truth and disclosure to be second to none and without bias, which in the alternative media and truth for justice community is a rare and precious gem.

Justin also hosts a Facebook group page for the world wide community to enjoy a safe place in which to discuss some of the most pressing issue’s of our current time, and I’m am honoured to be a part of that online family which has grown from a hundred or so members to just over 11,000 in a little over a year, and a place where I have made many new and good friends from all over the world.

Please check out Justin’s web site at the following link, where you can gain many incites into the most prominent topics of today that you will not find in the mainstream media. I also include a link to the Facebook Stillness in the storm group page, for which you will have to apply for membership to discuss these topics and more with community at large

Thank you Justin for your continued service to humanity, It is truly an honour to call you a friend.


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Published by Tambara Lilly