Hi everyone~
If you are looking for an outfit inspiration and you want something more girly but still not completely...Well, this is the exact post for you! 
As I'm still young I'm always trying to find inspiration in many different styles and looks and I may say I still haven't completely found my own personal style, but! It is developing more and more every day. 
I've always wanted to look girly and cute but still a bit unaproachable. You know, like all those bloggers who look cool in even the most simple outfit. That aura they have. And I find this in this outfit. It makes me feel confident and cool and that's what fashion is for, right?
A simple burgundy tshirt, but tied on the front. In a combination with an again simple black skirt, it makes a cute girly outfit. But what changes it for me are the stockings! When I added my black boots it created an over-the-knee-boots effect that I just love! A simple necklace, natural hair, a bag and I'm ready to go :)

I hope you enjoyed this post (which you can find in my blog here) and I'll see you in my next one!

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 
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