STP has been auditioning new singers via online submissions and if you are an aspiring vocalist and STP fan, time is up.  The band officially closed audition submissions yesterday, STP has received thousands upon thousands of submissions and is expected to announce who the band’s new singer will be later this year.  After having fired original singer Scott Weiland in 2013, rock band Stone Temple Pilots have worked and toured with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park who has departed the band to work with his main band and spend time with his family.

The Pulse of Radio reported that the audition has closed after the band started searching for a new vocalist when Chester Bennington left the band late last year.  Meanwhile Scott Weiland passed away on his tour bus in December of an apparent drug overdose, now STP has found themselves with no singer whatsoever but hopes find the right person in due time.  STP recorded one LP with Bennington, “High Rise” and also did a handful of tours together.  STP has stated that Scott Weiland is irreplaceable and that their intent is for STP to continue as a band and to evolve while continuing to make music.  

STP will be reuniting with Chester Bennington on March 26th for a charity performance to benefit public schools in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  The event will take place at the Norris Theatre and Pavilion and will feature classical musicians alongside Rock performers and the concert proceeds will be donated to the Peninsula Education Foundation.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola