I think the time has come, DO NOT trust IMBD anymore.


Why would they rank the movie 6.8/10 when it’s clearly an 8/10.



The movie is an adaptation from a book of Edgar Allan Poe. Well, if you are familiar with him then you will know that he is an amazingly clever with words.


The movie is clever that way too. I am glad that the didn’t lose the dark sense of humour of Poe. It is not a fluffy puppy movie, but rather serious. Very enjoyable I might I add. 


The movie illustrates the fate of psychiatrist patients of that time. I didn’t know it was so cruel back then.


Well, the patients take over the asylum and run it themselves and the story starts to involve around that base. A lot of plot twists entangled with good acting and story. It is a good watch for movie lovers. 


Ending this review I would say that core of the movie is about the humanity in us and it illustrates it quite well. 

Published by Elektra Bakhshov