I cannot jump into the depths of the topics which are burning, crackling, and sparking beneath my surface quite yet. It will be an intense, emotional endeavor as I examine and respond to both the sexual assault at Stanford and the domestic terrorism attack in Orlando. So I cannot speak specifically to those right now, but I will.

What I do want to say though, is how sickened I am at so many people's reactions.

I am disheartened.

I am disheartened by watching those who view themselves as "better than" behaving in just as vile ways. The amount of pure hate coming forth from their judgement, presumptions, and comments is painful for me to see.

I am not perfect. I still fall victim to faulty logic and philosophical fallacies.  It is imperative though, if one wants to see real change, to fact check arguments, to stop and examine our own behavior and beliefs.

The decision of whether or not to believe in a higher power, or to belong to a specific religion is an incredibly personal decision, as is the entire experience. No two Muslims will be alike, no two Jews will be alike, no two Christians or Taoists or Buddhists will be the same. STOP participating in the same invincible ignorance that others are partaking in.

We want to believe that we are good people. We want to believe that we are safe. That bad things only happen to bad people. Oftentimes though, people need to believe horrible things about other people to maintain this sense of stability. Life does not have to be a "us" against "them" war all the time. The division only serves to distract us from real issues.

Sweeping generalizations based on a characteristic or two takes away the beautiful nature of each individual human being. Stop it. Stop proclaiming that all Muslims want to destroy all non-Muslims. Stop spreading hate about Christians, deeming them heartless and ignorant people that hate others. Stop talking about how ugly women should be thankful for catcalls, for it means someone still finds them attractive. Stop using characteristics to villianize a group of people, but then take that characteristic away when violence occurs against them because of the same characteristic.

You need to be willing to examine yourself and change yourself -- and yes, even give up some of your own privilege if you are truly going to participate in a fight for equality for all. But also in order to be on the side of good, and change -- YOU NEED TO STOP BLINDLY HATING OTHER PEOPLE AND SPREADING IGNORANCE.

Published by A.L. Peine