Okay , Hey ,this is my first post over here. I really wanted to come up with this topic , so here it goes . . . .

She is so fat , she must be eating a lot ” I have heard people saying this behind my back.
Yes I am fat , but no I don’t eat alot. I have a NORMAL diet. I don’t remember how many times my mom used to scold me for skipping lunch and dinners . I once fell sick for not eating 2 days in order to become fit from fat.

She is not going to burn the floor , she is going to break it
I remember one of my classmate saying this to me just before my dance performance in 12th grade. I got conscious and was hell scared during the performance and even forgot few steps. It resulted in developing a stage fear in me , yes , I don’t take part in any dance or any stage related competitions now. Although I dance a lot with people I am comfortable with.

Why don’t you join gym and do some exercise ?” , people have often advised me
I do exercise and love going to gym. It does make me feel active. But some things are not under your control . 

You should wear loose t-shirts , you will look slim in them “
Why would I have to look slim ? I am fat and I accept this fact.

Don’t mess with me , I have the most strongest person in my team “
Well , I can be the most most heaviest person in your team but  strongest ? Naah I am the most sensitive person you will ever meet.

With this figure , you’re never going to find a perfect groom for yourself “ , I remember one of my friend saying this to me.

Okay , this one was new for me. I was hurt , deeply! And this was not the first time anyone has pointed about my weight and marriage together.

what has weight to do with my marriage ? I am not going to marry one with a mentality like that ! ” I answered him.

Everyone have the same mentality when it comes to marriage , everyone wants to marry a perfect partner ” he said.

I was numb after that.

I wondered what does the word perfect mean? And I ended up googling ” Definition of perfect ” that night , ABSOLUTE COMPLETE it said. Am I not complete ?
FAULTLESS it said . Is it my fault that I am fat ?

There were many more instances from childhood to now. I have felt  humiliated , embarrassed , shattered , bullied and so on….

There were times I used to hate myself for being fat. I used to think I am the most ugliest one among my friends. I used to be so nervous every now and then. I used to be so scared even while saying ” present sir ” , so as to not get into anyone’s attention.

I were given names like ” doraemon ” , “chota – bheem ” etc.. etc…  I have cried alot because of that. I remember one of my P.T.I teacher insulting me infront of the whole class  because of my weight. I had lost all the confidence that day and this is the reason why I end up being nervous all the time. I was scared of going to school after that until the day I told my father about this. He gave me strength to face them.

There are many people like me who are being judged & joked upon , bullied & humiliated. I just want to say that

STOP CRITICIZING YOURSELF & YOUR APPEARANCE AND START BEING THANKFUL . Perfection is a myth. You are perfect the way you are. Shaming yourself for a piece of fat , for your body color or bone showing doesn’t help anything. There’s a lot more beauty in you than ugly.

P.S : Sexy or fat ,
         Fair or dark ,
         Virgin or not ,
         Start respecting everyone !
  Yes , EVERYONE irrespective of their caste , gender or skin color. And people please just STOP JUDGING FOR GOD’S SAKE !

                                                                – Unnati Madan



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Published by Unnati Madan