Some of us, we love to keep things and we assume one day we might need to use it. After that, we continue to store things at home and soon; we are totally forgetting the existence of things at home. We might able to realize one day when our store space is limited and there is no place for you to keep anything. Then, only you start your spring-cleaning and you might find the “thing” you assume useful lying in your storeroom full of dust.

Most of the thing we keep in the storeroom, there is high possibility that we totally forget about its existence. Yesterday, I started to clean my storeroom after 5 years I moved in to this house. Its fully packed and hardly any space. Previously, I kept so many empty boxes of electrical item, just in case I need to use it one day. In actual fact, I don’t need the empty boxes. I recycled all this items and clear out majority items that I assumed “perhaps one day I need”.

If you don’t use the items for 3 months, you totally don’t need it. All this items, you can just donate out to the needy and bring happiness to them instead of keeping it for no value added.

The lesson I learned from my spring-cleaning, “Don’t keep or store for just in case. Give to needy people, let the “thing” become more value added and bring happiness and joy to other’s life. It does apply the same in our life, less is the best! You are enjoying freedom and lightness in life.

Published by Hoh Li Jiun