One day, two buckets met at the well in the center of town.

One of the buckets was down and depressed.

“What’s wrong?” the other bucket asked concerned.


“I can’t take it any longer,” said the depressed bucket. “I get so tired being dragged to this well every day. No matter how full I am when I leave here, I always come back here completely empty. I find it so depressing.”


“If you look at it that way, no wonder you’re depressed,” the second bucket said. “The way I see it is that no matter how empty I am when I come back here, I always leave here completely full. I find it so invigorating!”



It's all a matter of perception...It's not so much what happens to you that matters but your reaction to what happens.

The beauty of it is that we are totally free to choose our thoughts and perceptions and thus our reactions to everything that happens in our lives.

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Published by Amira Carluccio