When Grace Cain meets world-famous free diver Storm Hisray, she is instantly smitten. Abandoning her life in the city, Grace follows Storm to his idyllic Pacific Island, where Storm teaches Grace the wonders of free diving aswell as the wonders of her own pleasure. As Grace's confidence grows, so does Storm's need to control her. The more Storm pushes her the more Grace realises she is in deeper than she has ever imagined possible.

Storm and Grace took my breath away.

Kathryn Heyman's writing is mesmerizing. The rich and poetic sentences completely and hauntingly capture the powerful story being told. The similarities that Kathryn painted between free diving and a toxic relationship are expertly displayed by both the characters and narrative.

The deeper the reader dives into this book the more desperate and urgent the story becomes. This urgency keeps you turning the page, desperately hoping you are being misled.

Given the climate we live in, with one woman a week being murdered by a current or former partner, this book can be hard to read at times. This uncomfortable topic is something that cannot be ignored and Kathryn has done a fantastic job in crafting this story to represent it.

My only issue with this book was that 'Storm' wasnt appealing to me. I wasnt mesmerized by his comments or power, I was actually turned off by them. I think this may have actually been an asset to me reading this book, even though I was disinterested in 'Storm', it made me feel this protectiveness towards 'Grace' that I hadn't expected to feel whilst reading this book. I wanted to reach into the pages and kidnap 'Grace', to protect her.

I havent stopped thinking about or talking about this book since I finished it, which is unusual for me.

Kathryn Heyman has written a captivating, haunting and completely relevent book that should be read by all.

If you havent yet got yourself a copy of this book, do it now.

Storm and Grace by Kathryn Heyman will stay with you long after the final dive.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker