An attack of evil
like a lingering storm cloud
There to remind me of it's threat
It's damning silence is so loud
But Satan knows no stealth
His ways are predictable and old
And his attacks my come hard and heavy
But my God is strong and bold
Satan my try to drag me down
He will attack where I am weak
But my God will fight my battle
when I get down on my knees
No matter how hard Satan tries to drag me down
No matter how hard he fights
His empty threats may make me falter
But God will always hold me high
I once was in the grasp of the evil one
I once lived only for me
But my heart now belongs to the Lord
And his plans are all I can see
Satan my attack
try to beat me down
But my faith in God grows ever stronger
with each of Satan's storm clouds

Heather L. Flood

Published by Heather Flood