When I used to be small (like everyone else), they used to tell me that the world isn't a very good place. Also, I would figure it out as I grew old. School days and college days got over quickly, if I think about those days now. But back then, it seemed like a long time. "Student life is golden life, enjoy it. There's no worry, no work pressure. The only thing that you need to do is eat, sleep, and study," my dad used to tell me. Indeed, he was true. But, as a student, I always failed to realize it. I waited for my school days to get over. Then, I started missing those days - especially my friends. When I joined a Diploma institute, I disliked it. After completion, I missed it. The same was the case with my Bachelors college. I still miss those memorable days that I spent with my friends. We had no worries, except for the petty school-teacher issues and grades that we used to get.

Life has really changed after I started working for the first time in my life, although only as an intern. There is work pressure. I can see everyone around me working hard to please their bosses (or maybe themselves). Why do we do it? For happiness? To keep ourselves active? To distract ourselves from other issues? Let me get to the point - for money? Yes indeed!

Money is the most notorious storm that mankind has ever witnessed. Name one person in this world who isn't acquainted to money - I know you can't. Even the poorest of the poor know the value of money. Obviously,  it is a good thing to value money. Money must always be valued. But, the storm that this 'odd paper' creates is something different. We overvalue this paper. Ironically, we buy paper with (odd) paper and make placards that say a lot of things about saving the world in a lot of ways. I say it is ironic because 'Money' that destroys our environment, values, social acceptance, morality (and countless other virtues) is used to save the same. It is difficult to make everyone understand that money is also just another piece of paper. It has taken humanity by a storm - a paper storm that everyone wants to get into, leaving out all the rest.

No, I'm not telling you to give up on your hard-earned money. You obviously need money to survive. But, know the difference between your needs and your wants. People crave for money and financial success. It isn't always bad unless it becomes something that you always go after. Someone has said it really well, "You are what you go after." So, don't keep on running after money. It will make you like itself - a piece of paper. And you all know it very well how easy it is to burn paper. It is one of the most flammable things on earth. Don't burn yourself. Live your life out of this storm. Enjoy the beauty of this world in things that are actually, naturally beautiful and not in artificial, glittering pieces of paper.

Published by Adarsha Kharel