*Guess what this is
*If you guessed 'short story' you are 100% correct
*Also this is 100% fiction


I sat atop of a rain cloud, gazing at the chaotic city below me. Screams of "Everyone get inside!" were heard. My Thunderbird, Light, swooped down from a nearby cloud and landed on my knee. I absent-mindedly pet her head, continuing to watch the rain pour down and listen to the cackles of thunder and lightning. "You created this, didn't you?" I asked Light softly. She nodded her beautiful blue head. Smiling softly, I said, "you did a good job."

Thunderbird's have the ability to create thunderstorms wherever they fly. As a Storm Maker, it is essential to keep one. 

Storm Maker? Yeah, that's what I am. Storm Makers are the reason why storms exist in this world. 

My eyes were grey enough to rival with the clouds. They criticized every drop of rain, every clap of thunder, every snap of lightning. Using one hand, I twirled a lock of my jet black hair. "Do you think that's enough for now?" I asked Light. She looked at me for a second, before nodding slowly. Stroking her deep blue plumage with one hand, I raised my other as if greeting an old friend. Slowly, the rain slowed, the wind calmed, the thunder died and the lightning stopped making itself heard.

Gradually, the clouds started to float away, off to wreck havoc at another place. The very one I was sitting on started drifting off at some point, going along with it's fellows. I smiled at Light. "Ready to flood another place?" 

The city we had just left looked like it was trying to drown itself in the newfound ocean. 

Watch the storm clouds, they could tell a story.


Published by Crystal Lunar