How long does it take to create a platform that reaches out to millions? The answer might different from person to person or company to company. Apparently, the answer in this case is two years. Yes, you read that right, Psifiako media has a total of 36 million followers across various social media platforms. You name it, they have everything, things that are funny, informative, inspirational, and what not. Psifiako Media has not even spared fashion and the latest trend. Right from listicles to videos to posts and image of different genres, this company provides everything. With platforms like No One Cares, Fashion Everyday, Who Cares? and No One Cares Video, this team of young and determined people reach out to a huge audience everyday.

Now, the question is, how did something turn out to be so big? How did something that was started by two guys, Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale, become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world? Well, the answer is simple, hard work, consistency and the right knowledge.

To create a platform on various social media websites and then turn that into a business, a start-up is not easy. But when guided properly and with a good team, nothing is unachievable. What started two years ago has grown up and become so big that it not only attarcts brands like McDonald's, Fox Star Hindi, PVR Cinemas, Wrogn, etc. but has also works with people like Jay Shetty.

Psifiako, a name or probably a word you may not have heard of. Well, Psifiako is a Greek word which means Digital. And that's exactly what they are, an ever growing Digital Media Company. If two people who belong to different states and have families who don't have any connections in the digital marketing world can make up a company, Psifiako Media ltd., then, nothing is impossible.

As of now, Psifiako has 50-60 full time as well as freelance working employees spread across the entire country. And you might call it bragging but the truth is, Psifiako Media with its 4 subsidiaries viz. No One Cares, Who Cares?, Fashion Everyday and No One Cares Videos is the first Indian company to have a reach of over 36 million. Currently based in Pune, as of now, the company's turnover is over $750k and they hope that in a year, this will double up.

These people are not just inspiring but they prove that when you are determined and know where exactly you want to go and be, everything falls into its place.


Published by Lavismichel Inkel